Hawk | Coloring books for children: 11 coloring pages

This collection contains a variety of hawks – both cartoonish and funny, and realistic – in flight or sitting still. If your child is interested in birds, these coloring pages will be great fun and an opportunity to get to know this impressive raptor up close.

We have many different hawk pictures and we are constantly adding new ones. For the convenience of our young artists, the coloring page is regularly updated so that there is always something new. You can subscribe to our social networks or bookmark the page in your browser so you don’t miss updates.

Cooper’s Hawk: 4 coloring pages

Cooper’s Hawk (Accipiter cooperii) is a medium-sized predatory tarantula from the hawk family (Accipitridae). It got its name in honor of the American ornithologist William Cooper. Cooper’s hawks have long tails and wings, making them adapted for maneuverable flight among trees and shrubs. They have a wide range of plumage colors, but usually the tail and wings are gray-brown, and the belly and chest are orange-red striped.

By nature, Cooper’s hawks are active predators, hunting a variety of small mammals, birds and insects. They are known for their ability to hide among trees and surprise their prey with swift and precise leaps. Cooper’s hawks nest in forested areas of North and South America, as well as Hawaii. They prefer to create their nests on the tops of trees. When breeding, they are usually solitary, but sometimes form pairs.

These birds are important components of forest and field ecosystems, controlling prey populations and helping to maintain balance in nature.

Coloring is not only a fun pastime, but also a very useful activity for the development of a child. It helps balance the psyche, has a beneficial effect on the emotional state, and helps relieve stress and accumulated tension. Coloring also develops fine motor skills and coordination.

Hawk sits: 6 coloring pages

By drawing hawks on paper, children learn to concentrate, be precise and accurate when coloring, and also develop their creativity and imagination. Moreover, painting hawks helps to instill a love and interest in birds, and maybe even spark a passion that can later lead to the study of bird science.

Vulture: 1 coloring page

The vulture is a large bird belonging to the vulture family. It is one of the largest vulture birds in the world. Adult vultures typically have a wingspan of 2 to 2.5 meters and reach a weight of about 8-14 kg.

The color of the vulture is usually dark, with black plumage on the head and back, and brownish-red on the rest of the body. The tail is long and narrow, and the beak is short and strong. A very characteristic feature of the vulture is its naked head and neck, which are usually covered with wrinkled skin, as if peeled from the flesh.

Vultures have excellent eyesight and hunt small and medium-sized animals such as hares, goats, caterpillars and even other birds. Their food consists mainly of dead prey, so they are known for their ability to decompose or cannibalize.

Vultures are also very important scavengers, as they remove waste and influence the balance of the ecosystem, helping to reduce the spread of disease.

Their numbers are declining due to habitat loss and food poisoning, but conservation and restoration programs are in place to preserve their unique species.

We offer all coloring pages for downloading and printing absolutely free. You can choose pictures of hawks that you like, save them on your computer and print them at any convenient time. After this, your child will be able to color with mice, pencils, markers or watercolors – depending on his preferences and skills.

So don’t miss the opportunity to color funny and elegant hawks with your child! Discover the world of birds for him and enjoy the exciting process of creativity. Download coloring pages right now and give your child moments of joy and development.

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