Patterns, Flowers, Mandala | Coloring books for kids 6 years old: 12 coloring pages

Coloring pages are a great way to not only entertain children, but also develop their creative skills. In this collection we have collected round coloring pages of flower images in the mandala style.

A mandala is a symbolic representation of the microcosm that is used in various cultures and religions. They are harmonious and symmetrical, making them ideal for coloring.

Simple coloring pages

Complex coloring pages

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Coloring patterns helps children develop attentiveness, perseverance and creative thinking. They learn to choose the right colors to create a harmonious composition and develop their fine motor skills. In addition, coloring a mandala also helps develop concentration and the ability to meditate.

In addition, these coloring pages awaken interest in art and nature. Children can explore different color combinations, experiment with different shades and create their own unique works of art. This can be an excellent incentive for further study and development of artistic abilities.

Parents and grandparents can actively participate in drawing and coloring books with their children and grandchildren. This is a great opportunity to spend time with your family, develop interaction and communication, and enjoy creativity together.

Pictures from the collection “Patterns, flowers, mandala” can be downloaded and printed for free. This makes the process of obtaining coloring books even more convenient and accessible to everyone. So don’t forget to check out our coloring page to make your and your kids’ day bright and interesting!

Coloring Pages for Kids 6 Years Old